Golf Skate Caddy™ Trailer for Your Golf Club

Check out the amazing Golf Skate Caddy™ professional display trailer available for your golf club in SE QLD and Northern  NSW down to Byron Bay.  

The trailer is reserved for golf clubs seriously looking at implementing the Golf Skate Caddy™ as part of a commercial arrangement whether it be lease proposals, purchases or stock holding and is a great point of interest  on the day for your club members. 

We will provide a fully fitted display trailer complete with multiple large LCD screens to showcase our product. We will organise demonstrations for your club members and visitors and gauge the interest level on the day to help your club and the board come to a decision on implementing the GSC™   on course. 

Bringing out our great trailer to your golf course
Great Catch Graphics
Great Graphics 360º around trailer
Fully Self Powered with silent generator and huge solar power backup
3 LCS TV's playing the latest GSC™ clips
Storage for 4-5 GSC™ on day
Fantastic attraction to bring club members over to investigate and demo the Golf Skate Caddy™