Lease Finance

Commercial Entities:

We have a great finance package for commercial entities

1. Turnkey Lease solutions available through our lease partner Magnolia Lane  Commercial Leasing

Partnering with Magnolia Lane allows you to enter into a lease program for 2 years with the ability to pay just two extra months after contracts end to fully own the fleet or simply just roll over into a new contract and have the old fleet picked up whilst we deliver the latest GSC's back to you for another two year term. 

The process is easy and our reps will guide you through each step to ensure everything moves smoothly and rapidly. 

We have worked hard to ensure we did not just keep our core unit price as low as possible but we recognised that in order to make this really a cost effective proposition we had to keep our lease contracts as short as possible which is why Golf Skate Caddy costs approx $52.50 per week per unit on a two year contract. (prices may change depending on product costs, freight and add on's) That is an industry leading price and term

Give us a call and we will get our representatives and Magnolia Lane to organise everything else.