GSC™ Car Carrier

One of the advantages of owning your own Golf Skate Caddy™ is the ability to take it with you easily in the back of your station wagon, 4WD, ute and even hatchback,  however certain cars boots are just not big enough to carry the GSC™ and for those we have the GSC™ Car Carrier. 

In order to utilise the GSC™ Car Carrier you will need to have either a class 3 hitch which has an internal diameter of 40mm x 40mm or a class 4 hitch which has an internal diameter of 50mm x 50mm. The carrier simply plugs into the hitch and with a total payload in excess of 100kg you can be assured your Golf Skate Caddy will be secure  on its trip to your next game.

The GSC™ Car Carrier is constructed of steel and strategically reinforced then powder coated to ensure years of constant use.  An alloy cross mesh acts as a base for your GSC™ to rest on, side and rear reflectors are then fitted to comply with local state transport requirements. 

Golf Skate Caddy™ do not sell this direct. In order to enquire further please speak Geoff Htoon on 
0459 990 819 or the rep that is looking after your GSC™ sale. 

In order to ensure correct fitment we will require that you fill out the form below please refer to the diagram for the correct measurements. 

Please fill in the form below - we will contact you to discuss your options and final price including freight

Base Car Carrier $600
Add Number Plate $30
Add Height Riser (For Steep Drive) $160
Add Tail Lights $180
Add Rear Sensor Disarm ( disables rear sensor alarm when vehicle in reverse) $30

Robust Construction
Australian Made

There GSC™ Car Carrier is Australian designed and made to our specific requirements and criteria here in Queensland. It is a weatherproof, extremely robust and a durable product designed to take the elements year round no matter how inclement the weather is. It will give you years of trouble free performance. 

Optional extras incude rear lights, number plate holder, and a riser hitch for steep drives etc

Suits a number of vehicles
Requires a 50mm x 50mm receiving tow hitch

The GSC™  Car Carrier was borne out of necessity  as a solution for customers who could not fit the GSC™ into their car boot. Its no fun having to contemplate the thought of trading your car in when you purchase your Gsc™ -which we have had customers do !!!

Well the good news is it may now be worth purchasing the GSC™ Car Carrier instead of trading across to a larger vehicle. 

Can be left on or off the vehicle
Easy to take off and reinstall

The GSC™ Car Carrier was designed to be either left on or removed. In fact many of our customers actually leave the carrier on all the time, did you know it can handle a payload of up to 160Kg  which means it great for locking down a big Esky or using it as a spare transport platform

Bottom line is the GSC™ car carrier will carry more than just your GSC™