The History & Evolution of Golf Skate Caddy™

Golf Skate Caddy had two distinct evolutionary periods

  1. The first being the converted electric skateboard with removable  pole (Circa Pre -2010)
  2. The evolutionary jump to fixed pole, deck shape and bag basket.  (Circa 2011)

And it has been a journey of excitement, learning and understanding. 

This Journey starts with the original 2nd phase prototype being developed in a garage in a little seaside town in Mooloolaba, on the Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Australia on June 9th 2011.  Where development, R&D and testing continued here until late 2013. After this exhaustive testing, research and development we moved over to our production and design facility where engineers and concept designers took and continue to take the Golf Skate Caddy™ to new heights of refinement. 

This is our story, a story of continued development, a story of innovation and a story of how we pioneered the concept of fully featured slalom style stand on boards  for golf and how we aim to change the transport of golf forever. 

Where to from now? Well rest assured we are a company that has a continual design and update ethic, we draw our inspiration  not only from our customers needs, but also from the constant technological innovations that become readily available. Who knows we may still crack that hover-board GSC™ design that McFly used in Back to the Future !!! - Thanks for watching and enjoy a few minutes of Golf Skate Caddy™ history.  

Original Idea Circa 2009
Start of Modern GSC™ Circa June 2011
Started with the wife's baking tray
Straight Pole
First ever GSC cage / bag caddy
Starting to look like the Basis for the GSC™
Break away handle
Rudimentary front suspension
Alloy mock up of front basket
GSC™ starting to take form
Pre test fleet
First cardboard mockups for the plastic injection moulds
First cardboard mockups for the plastic injection moulds
First cardboard mockups for the plastic injection moulds
Test driving the GSC™

Generation 3
(Green Carpet, Round Console Bar, Seat) 

Generation 4
(Rear Cooler, Mud Guards, Square Console Bar ) 

Generation 5
(2014 Model, New Plastics, Cooler, Twin Motors