Golf Skate Caddy™
NSW Registration Rules


NSW Roads and Maritime  states that there is no category to register the Golf Skate Caddy™  for use on NSW roads either conditionally or unconditionally. The Golf Skate Caddy™  is therefore only able to be used on private land such as a private golf course. 

However by stepping off  and walking adjacent to the Golf Skate Caddy™ and controlling its movement through the handle accelerator, effectively fulfils the requirements for an electric push / pull cart.

Should there be an intersecting public road through a golf course that you as a rider needs to cross YOU MUST DISMOUNT from the Golf Skate Caddy™ and walk the GSC™ across the road in the same fashion as an electric push cart. Once off the public road and back on the private land of the golf course you may ride the Golf Skate Caddy™ again.  

Should you hire a Golf Skate Caddy™ at a  NSW golf club and need to cross a road you will need to sign as part of your waiver that you agree to dismount during the crossing of any public road or area as stated by the golf club. 

Neither or Roads & Maritime NSW have any ruling or mention anywhere on their website as to the recommendations or use of an electric push / pull golf cart crossing a public road.