Check out the great pictures of the Golf Skate Caddy™, but more importantly imagine yourself riding the GSC™ as you effortlessly glide over the fairway taking in the amazing vista, the lay of the land and the sheer enjoyment of breaking free from the confines of a golf cart.

It used to be a great shot that brought you back to the game...trying to replicate that feeling of achievement and self satisfaction. Today it's the added sheer enjoyment of surfing the turf that have so many players telling us that even a bad days golf is fun and satisfying when riding a Golf Skate Caddy™

Golf Skate Caddy™ - Worlds Greatest Personal Golf Transporter - Why Ride Anything Else?
Ready for a quick game ?
Unobtrusive yet Noticed - Its a GSC™ thing !
Unrivalled Golf Transport
Loved by EVERYONE from the young at heart to the more mature established player - everyone loves riding the Golf Skate Caddy™
Mature Age Golfers
(Wayne Grady - Ex Australian Golf Pro) 

When we first developed the GSC™ we aimed it at the younger player to bring them into the game. What we did not expect was the overwhelming acceptance by more mature players.

With 70% of all private sales heading out to players between the ages of 50-75+ years old, it really does seem that everyone loves the GSC™

Female Golfers
(Liz Sullivan - Western Australia) 

Another statistic which we were pleasantly surprised to see was around 40% of our private sales going directly to female riders...
Funny enough many of these lady riders had no intention of sharing with their husbands or partners !!!

Seems the girls just love riding the Golf Skate Caddy™ as much as the boys do.

Younger Golfers
(Andrew Petersen - Queensland) 

Well this is where it started initially, a transport vehicle for attracting younger players back to golf making  the game super fun and exhilarating whilst reducing the time taken to play in todays hectic life. 

Golf clubs have recognised this and many are starting to partner with us to implement the Golf Skate Caddy™  into their clubs so everyone can enjoy the GSC™