Golf Skate Caddy™ Victorian 
Registration Requirements


Your Golf Skate Caddy as per the above Vic Roads ruling DOES NOT require conditional vehicle registration. This means you can cross an intersecting road through a golf course and travel for up to 2 km in one direction en-route back to the golf course.

Golf Skate Caddy is a single person stand on golf cart referred to as a Golf Buggy as per the definition below

Definition: "Golf buggy" is a term used primarily in Australasia and Europe and refers to the device(s) used to transport a golfer's bag of clubs around the course. Golf buggy - often shortened to just buggy - can refer to a passenger golf car (a k a, golf cart) designed to carry people and their golf bags; or to the walking carts or push carts designed to transport only the golf bag. But the term can also be used as a synonym for golf cart.


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