Your Golf Skate Caddy is covered by a manufacturers warranty for 1 year from date of sale  against faulty workmanship . 

If your GSC™ is less than 1 year old please be sure to contact us for an over the phone diagnostic so that we can assess your fault. Over the phone warranty replacement is at the absolute discretion of the Golf Skate Caddy™ representative dealing with the case. Their decision is final. Should you feel that a warranty case is still present you may need to send the component back to our service centre for assessment. Refer to the freight details below


You will need to return any identified potential warranty component back to base for assessment at your cost. Should we find a genuine warranty fault (please refer to list below) we will replace and pay for return freight. Should we find a problem not covered by warranty you will need to purchase the replacement component and pay for return freight. 

Your warranty covers the following.

  • Motor Faults
  • Computer Control Module
  • Radio Receiver
  • Wireless Hand Controller Trigger
  • Lithium NMC ((LiNiMnCo) Battery (1 year)
  • Battery chargers
  • Truck faults
  • Board
  • Golf Skate Caddy main bag attachment frame

These items are covered under normal use. THEY ARE NOT COVERED if your GSC™ has been subjected, but not limited to

  • Water Damage
  • Impact Damage
  • Dropping 
  • Punctures
  • Exceeding designed weight loads
  • Sitting on seat whilst driving golf skate caddy
  • Ignoring scheduled maintenance
  • Abuse

These items are not covered by warranty, however faults identified within 15 days will be subjected to a manangement decision return

  • Umbrella
  • Scorecard holder
  • Seat