A New Wave is Here AND ITS FAST !!

It's official- Golf Skate Caddy™ hold the World Speed Golf Record for the fastest round of golf on a stand up golf cart.

On 11th April 2016 Golf Skate Caddy™ was used to break the following World Records at Ringwood Golf Club, Victoria, Australia. 

Official Australian and World Record Time Judicators "The Australian Book of Records" was used to certify and officiate these records in keeping with international time monitoring practices for the recording of time used in setting national and international records. 

Normal golf rules applied, however although scores were kept, these did not enter into the record setting equation where only time was recorded. The Course followed the rules for the minimum distance required as set out by international standards for breaking this type of record at 5000m. Time started the instant the first ball was struck and concluded the instant the 18th hole ball was sunk.

Check out the great video below
Storey courtesy of Richard Fellner -Inside Golf


Will love the pace of the Golf Skate Caddy™ as it speeds up the game, allowing for more rounds in a day


Will love the Golf Skate Caddy™ as it allows players to go to their own ball without waiting  as would happen in a 2 person cart, shorter games means more time to do other things in todays busy lifestyle


Nothing rides like a Golf Skate Caddy™. It’s great fun, cruising the course and now its easy to travel safely whilst cutting down those 5+ hour games to 2-3 hours and still feel like you have had a great days golf