A New Wave is Here

The all new 2016 V2 Golf Skate Caddy™ changes everything, bringing together new technologies and upgraded systems taken from the popular and rugged V1. In fact everything has changed from the suspension to the new LCD screen and the revolutionary new handle with inbuilt thumb slider. Taking this style of vehicle to the pinnacle of innovation, style and features never seen before on a stand up golf cart. 

The Golf Skate Caddy™ is a personal golf transport product that’s revolutionizing the way we play and think about golf. The new product is taking the place of golf carts everywhere because of its many benefits…not just because It’s ‘GREAT FUN to earth surf… but it also allows for  faster rounds of golf and has less environmental impact on your course. The Golf Skate Caddy™ is also innovating the way golf is played—instead of chasing after everyone’s golf balls in a golf cart, players can go directly to their ball and focus on their game, speeding up play time by up to 25% - 50%.

And the best news of all is that Golf Skate Caddy™ has teamed up with zipMoney to give you the opportunity to pay for your purchase with flexible monthly payment plans. That's NO deposit, NO Credit cards and 6 months Interest Free, so we can help you get surfing the fairways with your own GSC™ in no time. Click the banner below to apply now by completing the easy 3 minute application. You'll be surprised at how simple the process is.


Discover how the Golf Skate Caddy™ helps golf clubs improve profitability, attract younger players, and at the same time reduces course wear


The game of golf just got better. Introducing the Golf Skate Caddy™. An electric golf skateboard, tipped to revolutionise the game of golf.


Nothing rides like a Golf Skate Caddy™. It’s great fun, cruising the course. Check out all the features of this electric golf skateboard and yes it does come with the umbrella !!


The Golf Skate Caddy™ is available for both private consumers and golf courses check out the latest price


The Golf Skate Caddy™ is the most fully featured Electric Golf Caddy  around. Nothing comes close to the GSC™ for all out rideable fun and accessories.

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GSC™ News 
We have just released the GSC™ Car Carrier for those who cannot fit the GSC™ into their car boot. This may just be the answer you are looking for. Check here 

Greg Norman Jn. is officially the new ambassador for Golf Skate Caddy™ ,  check out what Greg Norman Sn. put up on his website Here 

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The Worlds Greatest Golf Transporter

The Future of Golf is Here…. So Why Ride Anything Else?Its Official Golf Skate Caddy™ has set a series of new World Speed Golf Records - 6 records to be precise.
It is possible to play in under an hour !!! To find out more check out the full story here.