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GSC™ products have been designed specifically to pack down easily and without fuss into the back of your station wagon, hatchback, SUV, 4WD, etc.All this without the need to carry ramps or a trailer.

The GSC V3 the previous model of the GSC Tourer on the golf course

How It All Started

The Quinn brothers, Daniel & Mathew, The creators of Golf Skate Caddy (Powered by FiiK) have been developing electric vehicles for over a decade. The brothers have lived on the Gold Coast their entire life and have always loved the surf, skate and golf. Taking their background with electric skateboards they have designed a new form of transportation to combine with their favourite game.

The first generation of the Golf Skate Caddy (V1), was a great machine for playing golf. Followed by the V2 and V3, the Golf Skate Caddy has only improved over the years. The first design was a hybrid of a skateboard and therefore required the leaning of the body from side to side to direct it to the destination.

Enter The Game Changer

The GSC™ Tourer X is an innovative product from the GSC™ team. After years of customer feedback and insider industry knowledge, along with all the learnings we have accumulated over the past decade with our previous generations of the GSC™ product range, we have developed a product that stands out on the turf and will benefit any player.

The GSC™ Tourer is the new innovative step after the previous model (V3). It provides a stable and smooth ride, all the while keeping the player's core engaged. The player moves the handlebars from side to side to navigate.

With a "keyless" start by tapping the "RFID" tags on the LCD display, it has becomes one of the world's easiest and simplest means for playing golf.

It really doesn't get any better than the GSC™ Tourer X.

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Fiik logo black manufacturer of the GSC Tourer

A Part Of The FIIK™ Group

FiiK™ has been an industry-leading manufacturer of electric skateboards and shared/consumer scooters for over 15 years. FiiK™ is the culmination of over a decades-worth of testing, refining, and developing cutting-edge products for everyone’s enjoyment.

From 2005 FiiK became one of the only Australian companies that 100% owns its own factory in China. It is this level of outreach and control that gave FiiK the advantage and the ability to create some of the most iconic products on the market today.