Meet The Game Changer

Experience a game-changing ride with the GSC™ Tourer X, a state-of-the-art standing-position personal golf transporter. Featuring a new Enduro battery and a new patented steering that provides a smoother ride with less effort and better maneuverability. The GSC Tourer X eliminates the need to wait for your co-player like with a traditional golf cart. Discover the unparalleled experience of riding the turf with the GSC™ Tourer X

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Gentle On The Turf

Due to the relatively small ground contact area and a ground force pressure equal to a golfer on foot, it has been demonstrated that the GSC TOURER X™ offers a significant reduction in course wear and tear and less maintenance compared to current popular modes of golf vehicular transport. ​

The actual impaction per square meter compared to a golf cart is up to a massive 82% less on the surface area of the golf course and similar or less than a golfer walking with a pull cart.

Turf Compaction Comparison Report

Good News For 'Time Poor' Golfers

Not only is it fun to ride but golfers of all ages will experience a faster-paced game. The GSC™ TOURER X rider can ‘ride the turf’ cruising to their own ball without waiting for their co-player as in a traditional golf cart. 

The GSC™ TOURER X is engineered to carry a single-player, plus a 20kgs, 10-inch diameter pro-golf bag with ease over 18+ holes on a grassy surface before it needs charging. Then, it simply plugs into a normal power socket and charges like a mobile phone.​

The dual folding mechanism has also been engineered to fold down to fit in most family vehicles using our stainless steel “eagle claw” combined with our heavy-duty aluminum pole. This allows the quick release mechanism to ensure no time is wasted before the game starts and none when it is time to return to the clubhouse.

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Benefits For Players

When riding a traditional 2-person cart you are restricted to where you can drive and have to follow 2 sets of balls. This leads to increased distance as you would not be travelling in a direct path to your destination. 

Research has shown that the GSC™ TOURER X leads to much faster games than a traditional 2-person cart. When riding a GSC™ TOURER X, the difference travelled is about the same as walking the course with a pull buggy. The speed of travel however is much faster.

The GSC™ TOURER X will allow players to play the course in 25% less time while travelling the flight path of the ball, something they cannot do with a traditional cart and allows them to really get to "know" and assess the hole and their next shot.​People love The GSC™ TOURER X due to its agility and speed. When riding the GSC™ TOURER X the rider is balanced, athletic and in control with precision.

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GSC Tourer X Specifications

 GSC™ products have been designed specifically to pack down easily and without fuss into the back of your SUV, 4WD, etc. Also, depending on the size of your car boot, some family-sized cars. All this without the need to carry ramps or a trailer.The GSC Tourer X Features:

★ Range: 18+ holes
★ Heat-treated aircraft aluminum frame
★ 48V 20Ah Enduro Lithium Battery 
★ Additional alloy magnesium for reduced weight and added strength
★ High quality "eagle claw" heavy-duty alloy pole quick-release mechanism
★ Industry-standard heavy-duty attachment straps to secure golf bag
★ Custom LCD screen displaying speed, distance travelled and battery level indicator
★ Easy to ride (1-5 minute learning curve)
★ Max Rider weight: 120KG 
★ Net weight: 36.3kg
★ Top Speed: 15Km/h
★ Charger fully safety certified 54.6v 2a
★ Unfolded ready to ride dimensions H: 115cm W: 69cm L: 122cm
★ Folded ready to load/transport dimensions H: 55cm W: 69cm L: 122cm
★ Ergonomic fully custom-designed handlebars
★ Charge time 8-10 hours (from complete flat)
★ Easily transported in your SUV, 4WD, etc
★ IP67 Weather / water-resistant
★ Shipping carton dimensions: L: 115cm W: 75cm H: 56c