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GSC Tourer Seat (Pre-Order)

GSC Tourer Seat (Pre-Order)

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Stock is due to arrive early March 24'. Prepaid orders will be shipped out as soon as stock arrives.

The Tourer seat has been meticulously crafted to provide riders with a convenient resting option during intervals between holes, facilitating their wait for fellow players or the groups ahead. Seamlessly attachable to the GSC Tourer, this seat boasts a spacious storage compartment capable of accommodating various essentials, including golf balls, tees, wallets, and even refreshing beverages.

Designed with utmost functionality in mind, the seat features a spring-loaded mechanism that allows it to smoothly descend and seamlessly merge with the ground when in use. It is important to note that the seat is strictly intended for stationary use and cannot be utilised while the Tourer is in motion.

To watch the GSC Tourer Seat Installation video click here - Seat Installation video

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